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Purchase of a Demo oven              


                                                                                                      A demo proposal is documented by photos and videos, the

                                                                                                      the evaluation expressed by us refers to aesthetics and it is

                                                                                                      a lot honest and truthful.


                                                                                                  These are ovens turned on for no more than 3 hours during                                                                                                       demonstrations performed at social events. Some were only

                                                                         turned on without having cooked nothing, others have carried out cooking

                                                         but Cordierite, or the stone of cooking used, is in any case replaced with a new one.



                                             We inform the buyer that he can make use of the withdrawal but it can take place no later than two days from receipt, as acceptance refers to the aesthetic side as described above. As regards the warranty, the demo oven remains in like new condition. Therefore, to take advantage of the right of withdrawal, the oven must not be used and the transport costs will be borne by the buyer.


The purchase of a demo oven does not change the normal conditions of sale, the buyer can use the usual channels such as Nexi (credit cards), PayPal and also ScalaPay to pay it comfortably in three instalments. Payment is also possible via bank transfer but in this case the credit is awaited before shipping.


Shipping is organized by a logistics company and can take up to 3 days.


Transport, always and in any case at the expense of the buyer, is carried out via SDA of Poste Italiane and usually takes from 24 to 48 hours. It is our responsibility to always send a link to track the shipment.

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