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a simply extraordinary gas oven , of new conception with unique and patented characteristics .                     


Technical Characteristics ___ Oven dimensions : 620 x 580 x 340 mm (24.4" x 22.8" x 13.4″) Weight: 18.20 kg / 40.12 lb — Heat output: 8.25 kWh / 28000 BTU — Gas consumption: 582 g/hour = 1.12 Lt/hour — 170° circular burner — Cooking area: diameter 406 mm — 15 mm thick Cordierite plate — Piezoelectric ignition — Folding legs for less bulk — Materials: Steel Stainless steel 430 and Aluminum Inside the package there is an Instructions and Safety Manual which we invite you to read carefully in all its parts, it will be essential for excellent use and maintenance from the very first ignition — Find more info below in the FAQ



The QQ16 oven is CE approved and patented


The oven is for external use and for operation you need a Gas Regulator (with thread for standard Italian cylinder) from 28 to 37 mbar with a flexible hose suitable for gas (not included in the purchase price).

QQ Pizza - REA: RA 226385 - p. VAT 02723760399 - e-mail: info@qqpizza.it

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Want to see it in action? here are some links…


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c a r e   a n d   m a i n t e n a n c e   o f   t h e   Q Q 1 6   o v e n

your questions… the FAQs

Why doesn't the QQ16 have an electric motor for rotation ? Our team is not made up of traders but of professionals who know the cooking phases very well. Have you ever seen a pizza chef turn all the pizzas in the same direction and rotation with his pole? When you roll out a pizza is it identical to the others? Is the dough perfectly the same as the previous times? The answer to these questions is obviously NO! A motorized surface turns the pizza in a constant and regular way but the pizza is not regular during cooking, so you need to rotate it freely where it needs longer exposure to the flame. Same thing for cooking in the oven, which is done to expose more of a part that has remained raw, with the QQ16 it's very simple and just rotate the pizza where you need more fire. By doing so you will also have a greater speckle on the ledge, an excellent Crunch and you will avoid more biscuiting.


What materials is the QQ16 made of ? The internal combustion chamber is only in 430 steel, your pizzas come into contact only with the Cordierite of the hob which resists up to 750 degrees. In the oven there are some aluminum parts and other external parts painted with high temperature resistant powder.


Which Gas Regulator is needed ? The oven works with regulators from 28 to 37 mbar, the choice falls on the type of gas used. Few people know that the cylinders do not all contain the same type of gas, the percentages between Propane and Butane change and consequently also the yield in the flame. Among the various tests carried out, we prefer a fixed regulator of 37 mbar or an adjustable one of 20/60 mbar which often proves to be the most versatile, obviously we cannot know the contents of your cylinder.


How do I cook my pizzas correctly ? A preheating of 25/30 minutes with the flame at maximum is necessary, once the desired temperature is reached, put the pizza in the oven and lower the flame to allow balanced cooking from below and above. Bake the pizza, wait 15/20 seconds before turning it, you don't have to turn continuously, you don't have to simulate a motorisation. Rotate it step by step as needed. Once the desired doneness has been obtained, take it out of the oven by repositioning the flame to maximum to recover the heat lost on the hob. Time to make the next pizza and the oven will be ready again. More information here.


How the cooking times? For a true classic Neapolitan pizza, with 62/64% hydration, it is advisable to stay at 400/410 degrees on the plate and cooking will take place between 60 and 90 seconds. If, on the other hand, we are talking about contemporary pizza, i.e. with 70% hydration and more, a lower temperature and a longer cooking time are required.


Do you have a recipe to recommend ? Sure, it's by a Neapolitan master and you can find it by pressing above 


If the Cordierite hob gets dirty, how do I clean it ? To clean the hob, we suggest performing pyrolysis , i.e. leaving the empty oven turned on at maximum temperature for at least 30 minutes. This procedure will burn all food residues, turning them into ashes which you can remove with a dry cloth once the stone has set. cooled down. Other better specified methods can be found in the Instruction and Safety Manual that you find in the package.


How do I do oven maintenance ? Nothing demanding, you don't need special detergents, just follow a few simple rules carefully described in the Instruction and Safety Manual that you find in the package.


What are the Warranty conditions if I purchase a QQ16 ? It is important to read the Warranty Terms which are found here before purchasing , we invite you to read them carefully and if not shared, let us know at info@qqpizza.it .


When does a guarantee start ? The Guarantee begins with the date of the invoice, if necessary it will be essential to show the purchase receipt. Here are the Warranty Terms.



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