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QQ16 oven warranty terms



The Warranty of your QQ16 has a duration of 24 months if purchased from a private individual (subject to registration via Tax Code) and 12 months if purchased from a company (subject to registration via VAT number)


Premise: to activate the Guarantee it is necessary to keep the proof of purchase, i.e. the invoice issued by QQ Pizza at the time of purchase. Claims for technical assistance or appeals to the Guarantee will not be accepted if this fundamental condition is not present. The guarantee starts from the date of purchase and the buyer accepts the conditions of these regulations without any exception. Exceptions to these regulations by the Customer must be communicated via email to info@qqpizza.it within 10 days from the date of purchase.


Warranty interventions or technical assistance will be activated only if the applicant is the person who purchased the product by producing proof of purchase.


Any interventions under the Warranty will not change the natural expiry of the same.


Any tampering or intervention on the product, unless expressly authorized, will invalidate the guarantee.


The Warranty terms are valid only if the use of the oven complies with the conditions indicated in this Instruction and Safety Manual.


The Warranty covers any manufacturing defects, any defective parts will be replaced only after having ascertained the condition of the defective part, this means that, once a replacement has been agreed, the buyer must first send the defective part to assistance, once the defect by one of our technicians, the new element will be sent as a replacement.


The Warranty does not cover wear and tear defects, such as any loss or fading of color and/or oxidation on the metal parts. In this regard, see the item "CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF THE QQ16 OVEN" in the Instruction and Safety Manual. These changes, in addition to wear, are a clear sign of stress from use or poor storage of the product. All damages due to the combustion of greasy parts, or from parts exposed to salt water or strong humidity, are not covered by the Guarantee.


The piezoelectric ignition system is not expressly included in the Warranty as it is naturally subject to oxidation and requires proper maintenance and cleaning for correct operation.


Natural disasters and user errors are not covered by the Warranty.


In no case does the Guarantee provide for the refund of the money paid.


All the pieces that will travel between the buyer and the seller will be borne by the respective sender, i.e. the transport costs are borne by the sender.


Should unresolvable disputes arise between the seller and the buyer, the practice will pass to the forensic field as per the Italian Civil Code.

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