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• Store the oven out of direct sunlight and indoors where possible and when storing for long periods of time.

• The oven must not be exposed to adverse weather conditions such as snow, heavy rain and strong winds.

• In case of contact with salt water, remove it with a cloth moistened with fresh water and dry carefully.

• Wait for the oven to cool completely before moving it.

• The outer shell of your oven may fade over time and with use, this is normal and will not affect performance.

• Specific care and treatments for good conservation of your QQ16 oven can be found in the Instruction Manual of the relative product purchased.

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Initial treatment for a Cordierite top


Before the first ignition of the oven it is necessary to carry out a correct treatment of the refractory surface in Cordierite. It is advisable to place it cold on the central shelf of the home oven. Turn on and set the temperature to 200 degrees. Once the temperature has been reached, leave the hob in the oven for at least 60 minutes. Turn off the oven, open the door and allow to cool gradually before removing the Cordierite. Alternative method is to turn on your oven with the flame at a minimum for at least 40 minutes.


Cordierite hob maintenance


If you like it, you can periodically clean the hob from food residues that can become encrusted on the Cordierite. We recommend two procedures : the first is to use only a slightly abrasive sponge dampened in warm water. Avoid direct contact with water, never allow the Cordierite stone to soak. Do not use any type of detergent, spatula or steel wool. Once cleaned, dry it with a cloth and place it in a traditional home oven for 2 hours at a temperature of 80 ° C. Attention: if the Cordierite remains damp inside, there is a risk that it will crack with the next use. The second procedure can be carried out by performing a pyrolysis , i.e. leaving the oven on empty and at the maximum temperature for at least 30 minutes, this procedure will burn all food residues turning them into ash that you can remove with a dry cloth once the stone has cooled.


Important note: Cordierite is FRAGILE and like all refractory stones it does not withstand accidental blows against hard or metal parts and must not undergo thermal shock. It must always be heated and cooled gradually. Never grease the stone.



1 - Do not place the hob directly above the flames.

2 - Prevent the cooking stone from undergoing sudden changes in temperature. Do not place frozen food on the hot stone.

3 - Cordierite becomes extremely hot during use and remains hot for a long time even after use is finished.

4 - Never pour water on the stone, especially when it is still hot, it can shatter into many pieces.

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