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What is the right operating temperature for the QQ16?

The correct temperature is around 430/440 degrees and must be reached within 25/30 minutes of turning it on by keeping the oven knob at maximum. Any comparison with another oven has no validity, it is necessary to know how the heat moves inside the cooking chamber. The QQ16 burner is the only semi-circular one with a double line for both drilling and feeding, so it is wrong to make comparisons with ovens that can cook at different temperatures. 

The temperature must be measured at the center of the hob.

screenshot 2024-01-01 alle 17.04.06

The QQ16 does not reach the right operating temperature?

This can happen because the cylinders containing LPG can be loaded with different types of gas (Propane/Butane/etc) and in turn they can be mixed in different percentages. If after 30 minutes of heating the oven has not reached 430/440 degrees we recommend increasing the flow of incoming gas. If supplied by us, you can increase the supply flow by turning the knob of the 20/60 Mbar variable Mondial Regulator by half a turn (clockwise). Conversely, if the oven reaches temperatures above 450 degrees, we recommend decreasing the gas flow by rotating the variator half a turn anti-clockwise, this is because there is no need to heat above the necessary temperature. The Mondial variable 20/60 regulator (see photo alongside) has a central knob which you will find already set almost halfway, i.e. at 2 and a half turns of rotation out of 6 available.


How to cook a pizza perfectly in the QQ16?

We know that doughs vary greatly from one another and this starts from the percentage of hydration. The most demanding pizza in the cooking phase is the Verace Napoletana as per the regulations with a 63/64% hydrated dough. With this oven you can already cook it at 415 degrees in 75 seconds, this is the DEMO video. If, however, you are a lover of contemporary doughs, i.e. with over 70% hydration, everything will be simpler because the higher the hydration, the lower the cooking temperature to the detriment of the cooking time which will be extended. You can cook a pizza with 70% hydration at 390/400 degrees in approximately 100/110 seconds. Obviously, in addition to hydration, there are other elements that differentiate the doughs, therefore the temperatures and cooking times just mentioned can vary from one another.

important… The cooking phases:

During the heating phase it is advisable to rotate the stone occasionally in order to achieve better and more uniform exposure to the heat.   Once the desired temperature has been reached, proceed as follows:

1 - Put the pizza in the oven and immediately lower the heat by setting the oven knob to minimum (see photo), an operation which allows a balance of heat between the lower and upper parts.

2 - Rotate the pizza at intervals, leaving it exposed to the flame according to cooking needs.

3 - Take the cooked pizza out of the oven and immediately turn the knob back to maximum heat, this is to recover the temperature lost on the stone.

4 - While you roll out and fill the next pizza, the oven will recover the lost heat, just a minute will be enough and it will be ready to cook another pizza.  Then resume the procedure from point 1

posizione manopla.jpeg

        a Verace cooked well         underneath and an enviable                crunch on top  

   a very respectable cornice,     characteristics that are not        easy to obtain at home   

All this is possible thanks to the excellent internal heat convection overtime






By following these simple procedures you will have an excellent external crunch and cooking that will have nothing to envy of pizzeria ovens.


We remind you that you can find this and other valuable information in the Instruction and Safety Manual that accompanies the oven.